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Montreal Canadiens: Nikita Scherbak and the Overseas Castoffs

Oct 11, 2018; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Montreal Canadiens Nikita Scherbak. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not very often I find myself doing a follow-up piece on a player I’ve already discussed. It’s even less often, I find myself taking about a former Montreal Canadiens player whom I’ve already discussed.

In some of my past work, I’ve looked at cases like Erik Karlsson’s albatross of a contract, which has left him and a continually crumbling San Jose Sharks organization at odds with one another. At $11.5 million AAV for the next six years, Karlsson is the highest paid defenseman in the NHL, yet has been continually held back by reduced foot speed, which much of his game was built around.