Tips For Preparing For Your Next Paintball Adventure

There is no doubt that paintball can be one of the most exciting sports in the world. It is very intense and it is going to keep you on your toes from start to finish. Just remember that you’re going to need to make sure that you get yourself into shape. The good news is that there are numerous ways to train for paintball. By practicing and getting yourself ready, you’ll have a much easier time excelling during the real game. Below, you’re going to find tips for preparing for your next paintball adventure.

Get The Right Gear
First and foremost, you’re going to need to get the right gear. You should have everything that you’re going to use during the paintball match. After all, you’re going to be lugging these items around and you need to get prepared for that. You should bring at least 1,000 rounds as well. This will give you plenty of ammo to practice your aim when jogging about the field. Extreme Sports Land reviewed paintball guns for your convenience. Be sure to read the reviews and find a gun that suits your needs and preferences.

Roadie Running
In order to be good on the course, you’re going to need to improve your cardio. And, you’re going to need very specific exercise techniques. Roading running will get you prepared for the task ahead. You need to bend your knees at a 100 degree angle. Then, you should duck down. Keep your head up and run in this position. This is the way that you’re going to be running around the field. This is one of the best ways to avoid getting shot during a fire fight. Perfect this technique and you’ll last much longer.

Dead Handing
You’re going to find yourself in situations when you need to shoot on the run. This is why you’re going to need to perfect your dead hanging skills. When you’re moving about, you’re going to need to keep your hands as steady as humanly possible. This can increase your accuracy to at least 60 or 70%. Even when you’re moving really fast, dead handing will make a big difference. By practicing consistently, you’ll be able to get 80 to 90% accuracy after several months or so.

Train With Friends
While it is possible to train alone, you should never hesitate to train with friends. After all, you’re not going to be alone when you’re out in the field. You need to learn how to communicate and you also need to figure out how to identify opponents. Training alongside others is really your best bet.

Perfecting 360 Degree Awareness
Finally, you’re going to need to make sure that you are capable of working with your team to achieve 360 degree awareness. Stand with your teammates and look in opposite directions. This will help you identify any opponents around you. Be sure to communicate with your friends, so you can warn them if you see someone. Don’t worry. They’ll do the same for you!

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