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">suggested the fighters prefer the smaller structure."}},{"id":70758108,"content_type":"paragraph","content":{"html":""UFC operations staff knows it can put a 30-foot cage in the Apex. The UFC prefers the smaller 25-foot cage because they feel it creates more action," he said. "Fighters tend to like the 30-foot cage because of the space. ... It’s just preference.""}}],"content_type":"slide"},{"title":"Loser: Hunch Bets","slide_number":4,"id":43231025,"elements":[{"id":105419722,"content_type":"image","content":{"url":"","full_width":true,"credit":"Jeff Bottari/Getty Images"}},{"type":"media slot","id":929026},{"id":133611843,"content_type":"paragraph","content":{"html":"Roosevelt Roberts wasted no time showing why he was the biggest male favorite in Las Vegas."}},{"id":107962365,"content_type":"paragraph","content":{"html":"The outgoing lightweight happily engaged in trash talk before his bout with Brok Weaver, then got to business and ultimately earned the right to celebrate by cinching Weaver into a rear-naked choke and prompting a submission at 3:26 of the second round.