Is Conor McGregor All That Notorious Anymore?

There comes the time when fans notice an unmistakable decline in the performance of an athlete. Whatever sport it may be, the telltale signs of a career tailing off are impossible to ignore and when they do appear, there’s no pulling the wool over the eyes of supporters. Indeed, it’s a case of having been here before and seen how this eventually plays out.

There is a lot of denial and deception around falling off the space, given that an athlete can still look the part and be on a list of the fittest athletes in the world, like shows. But once that hunger, desire, and mental edge go, it doesn’t come back. 

There is of course no shame in retirement or winding down to the end of a career, far from it in fact as it's a path that every professional athlete will walk. Regrettably, however, there are times in the lead-up to retirement when a reputation is severely tarnished for one reason or another.

It is one of sport’s and, ultimately, life’s greatest tragedies when an athlete who shook the ground that the sporting world once stood on, cuts a desperate figure at the end. This often leads to widespread ridicule with fans choosing to overlook the glory days of the past and focus on the here and now, which can often be quite a pathetic situation. 

Over time, this is a situation that rights itself as the spotlight eventually falls back on the accomplishments rather than the attempt to cling on at the end. But there will always be a bit of irreparable damage done, the depth of this scar tissue normally depends on how likable an athlete is. 

Now, Let’s Talk about Conor Mcgregor’s Legacy
For Irishman Conor McGregor, there’s no doubt that the end is nigh. The Dublin-born mixed martial arts fighter has lost two of his last three fights and looks a shadow of the man that used to terrify opponents in the octagon. Still, the 32-year-old is desperate to carry on and despite a string of poor performances, he will fight again in July 2021 against Dustin Poirier. 

Indeed, thanks to a decade of entertainment in the octagon, the Irishman is still able to top the bill at these UFC events. But the truth is that the current excitement from fans about upcoming his match-up with Poirier is down to how badly McGregor got beaten earlier in the year.

The odds for the fight show that there is not much between the two men but, in reality, the fighting world knows there is certainly a noticeable gulf in class now. This will mean that given how generous the odds are on Poirier to win, fans will want to source the best online gambling experience for the bout. can assist punters with reviews and expert guides. As they say, once you’re armed with the power of good information, punters can have fun while they aim for gold, and the 10th of July promises to be a historic fight.

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