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The New York Mets' offseason philosophy: No Carlos Correa, no problem

What Carlos Correa would have added to the Mets, an NL East evaluator said the other day as he mused over what Might Have Been, was a great competitive arrogance. Correa is an extremely self-assured performer with 79 postseason games of experience, operating with an apparent assumption that he will find a way to succeed.

"A F--- You Guy," the evaluator said. "A perfect New York guy. [Max] Scherzer is that guy in the rotation, but there is a need for a F--- You Guy in the [Mets] lineup."

But the Mets have been very comfortable in moving on from the collapsed negotiations with Correa, an episode that revealed more about the operating style of owner Steve Cohen, and about organizational confidence that the 2023 team might be even better than the club that won 101 games last season.