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Former Cardinals Star Scott Rolen Headlines 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

Scott Rolen was the only player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in the class of 2023.

The results were announced Tuesday on MLB Network, with players needing at least 75 percent of votes for induction.

Joon Lee

Scott Rolen: Hall of Famer<br><br>Todd Helton misses by 11 votes<br><br>Rolen: 76.3<br>Helton: 72.2<br>Wagner: 68.1<br>Jones: 58.1<br>Sheffield: 55<br>Beltran: 46.5<br>Kent: 46.5<br>A-Rod: 35.7<br>Manny: 33.2<br>Vizquel: 19.5<br>Pettitte: 17<br>Abreu: 15.4<br>Rollins: 12.9<br>Buehrle: 10.8<br>K-Rod: 10.8<br>Hunter: 6.9

The 47-year-old Rolen will join Fred McGriff, who was unanimously selected as part of the Contemporary Baseball Era Committee in December.

Rolen, Todd Helton and Billy Wagner were considered three of the top candidates entering this year after each received at least 50 percent of the vote on the 2022 ballot.