The Latest MLB Trade Rumors On Rangers Dealing Jurickson Profar Or Joey Gallo, Charlie Blackmon And More

The MLB trade deadline on August 1st is rapidly approaching, and the trade rumors are starting to heat up. With the All-Star break complete, teams in the postseason race are focused on improving their rosters before the non-waiver deadline. Here are all the latest rumors and news from the MLB hot stove. 

Will Rangers Deal Gallo Or Profar? 
The Rangers are trying to add pitching help, which is why they've been connected to players like Matt Moore and Jake Odorizzi. But in order to land one of those pitchers, the Rangers might need to give up either Joey Gallo or Jurickson Profar according to the Dallas Morning News

In virtually every conversation the Rangers have had for any serviceable pitcher, the club has been asked for one or the other. The Rangers have been asked about other players as well, but their names are Rougned Odor and Nomar Mazara, and they are even more untouchable than Gallo or Profar. The Rangers must decide if they are willing to part with either Gallo or Profar in order to acquire a pitcher.

Frankly, with no Cole Hamels on the market, the Rangers are smart to be unwilling to give up Profar or Gallo. It might require more than one pitcher, like the Athletics did when they netted Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija in a deal with the Cubs. 

Nationals Want Charlie Blackmon?
The Nationals have been linked to a few different outfielders, like Jay Bruce, and now the Rockies' Charlie Blackmon has been connected to the club. 

Blackmon would replace Ben Revere in center and become the leadoff man. He's hitting .305 with a .849 OPS. 

Marlins Looking At More Pitchers? 
The Marlins had already been linked to the Phillies' Jeremy Hellickson, but two more names have emerged as well. 

That's Michael Pineda of the Yankees and Andrew Cashner of Padres. The Padres have already emerged as sellers, while the Yankees are hesitant to sell. The issue for the Marlins in any trade is a poor farm system. 

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