6 Players Who Should Be Traded Before The MLB Trade Deadline

The MLB trade deadline on August 1st is rapidly approaching, and the trade rumors are starting to heat up. While plenty of players will be dealt before the non-waiver deadline, there are several more who should be traded, but won't. Numerous trade candidates missed this list, and we tried to focus on the players who aren't likely to be dealt. With that in mind, here are six players who should be traded before the MLB Trade Deadline, but probably won't be. 

6. The Rays' Starters 

Yes, I'm cheating by grouping more than one player (and this isn't the only time I bend the rules). Chris Archer, Matt Moore and Jake Odorizzi should all be dealt. The Rays have three gifted young pitchers under team control for a few more years and they'll net a nice return in a trade. The Rays aren't going anywhere in the coming years, so they might as well trade these three while their values are high. Unlike many of the names on this list, this could actually happen. Archer, though, is the most valuable and least likely to be dealt. 

5. Freddie Freeman, 1B, Braves

Freeman is a great player, but he's stuck on a terrible Braves team. Freeman is just 26 years old, but the Braves might not be ready to contend until after his prime years. Trading him now, when he's still under team control, might get the Braves the largest return. Still, because he's only 26, the Braves shouldn't settle for anything less than a king's ransom. That's also why a deal likely won't get done. 

4. Ryan Braun, OF, Brewers

Here's yet another talented player on a team that isn't going to contend anytime soon. Braun has a hefty contract that will cause issues in any trade, but he's playing well for the Brew Crew. Several contenders could be in need for a right handed bat, and if the Brewers eat some of the salary, this could actually work. 

3. Brandon Phillips, 2B, Reds

Jay Bruce is the obvious trade candidate (and he's a goner by the way), but moving Phillips is something the Reds should (and will) try to do. But like several players on this list, Phillips is unlikely to be dealt. He has a no-trade clause and has killed trades in the past. Plus, he's on the decline and has a hairline fracture in his wrist. A trade of Phillips might be best for all parties involved, but he doesn't seem keen on leaving the struggling Reds. 

2. Jose Bautista, OF, Blue Jays

This one probably isn't going to happen, but it does make sense. Bautista wants a large long-term deal this offseason and given that he's already 35 years old, that's not a smart investment. The Blue Jays are better off giving a deal to the younger Edwin Encarnacion. Bautista's injury makes this highly unlikely, even if Toronto wanted to make a deal. Some kind of crazy three-team blockbuster that involves Joey Votto returning to Canada, Bautista going elsewhere and the Reds getting prospects makes sense, but is unlikely. 

1. All Of The Yankees

Ok, so obviously I don't mean every single Yankees player, but you get the point. Aroldis Chapman seems all but gone, but he shouldn't be the only one the Yankees deal. Carlos Beltran, Brett Gardner and maybe even players like Mark Teixeira (contract is an issue), Michael Pineda and Andrew Miller (might be too valuable) should be placed on the trading block. The Yankees aren't going anywhere this year, and it's time for the front office to sell off their veteran pieces and start a rebuild/reloading process.  

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