4 Young And Fresh MLB Stars To Place Your Bets On

Major League Baseball (MLB) is more popular internationally than it’s ever been before. This is largely thanks to social media and streaming networks that have helped boost interest in the sport all around the world, especially in Asia. Additionally, it’s also because of the young talent that’s rising through the MLB ranks. Just like any other sport, young stars are the ones who sell tickets, and this is especially true with the MLB.

Over recent years, there have been lots of retirements in the MLB. In 2021 alone, Jake Arrieta, Buster Posey, and Tony Watson all hung up their bats. Naturally, the young and fresh MLB stars of today are the ones who are going to take their places. With this in mind, the following fresh-and-fantastic figures in baseball are the ones you should be placing your bets on in the future.

Juan Soto
Juan Soto is widely regarded as the brightest young talent there is right now. Currently, he has a career .414 on-base percentage, which is pretty impressive for someone so young.

Despite being under the age of 25, Soto has a mature head on his shoulders and is certainly someone you can rely on when game time arrives. If you’re a fan of World Series betting, you can put your money on Soto with relative confidence.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr
Remember the name ‘Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Guerrero,’ for he is preparing for a big season in 2022 with the famous Blue Jays and has reportedly been training hard off the field. Last year, he finished second in the American League MVP voting, making it an exceptional season for the young 22-year-old star.

However, some critics question Guerrero’s fitness and off-field commitment to the league. It’s generally accepted that if he gets his head down and works hard, then Guerrero can go on to become a legend of MLB. If he doesn’t, he’ll join the ‘potential wasted’ club.

Fernando Tatis Jr.
Sadly, Fernando Tatis Jr. has suffered various injuries during his career so far (for young baseball pros, this is usually a worrying sign). But – and it’s a significant ‘but’ – if Tatis can stay injury-free, he’s going to have an incredible career.

In 2021, he hit an amazing 42 home runs, which helped put his name in the public eye. In terms of defense, he’s very impressive, too.

Ronald Acuna
Last but not least is Ronald Acuna, who is undeniably one of the brightest young talents around. Since winning Rookie of the Year back in 2018, Acuna has managed to win several awards (including the Silver Slugger Award in 2019). It’s unknown whether Acuna will continue to dominate throughout the remainder of his twenties, but fans can certainly hope and pray.

Acuna also has a big following off the field, too, and recently signed a brand deal with Snickers in order to grow his public image. It’s entirely possible that Acuna will go on to become a household name, much like Lebron did in the NBA. Anything is possible!

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