3 Teams That Are The Most Likely To Sign Todd Frazier

Former New York Yankees infielder Todd Frazier has interest on the open market this offseason as a veteran presence and power hitter. Frazier hit .222 with 11 home runs and 32 RBIs in 66 games with the Yankees in 2017. Many teams are interested, but who are the most likely to sign him? Here are the three most likely destinations.

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3.) Boston Red Sox
The Red Sox are in need of offense after finishing dead last in home runs last season. They have been linked to J.D. Martinez all offseason, stating they would hold of their resources for him. However, Frazier wouldn't be an expensive option to add and would serve as a backup option should they not land Martinez.

2.) New York Mets
The Score reported that Frazier confirmed he met with the Mets on Tuesday. The Mets are in need of adding some offense and a third baseman, and adding Frazier kills two birds with one stone. If Frazier joins the Mets, this could allow New York to move Asdrubal Cabrera to second base.

1.) New York Yankees
The Yankees traded third baseman Chase Headley to the San Diego Padres in order to clear more room under the luxury tax threshold ($197 million), giving them a better opportunity to pursue a top-end starting pitcher or third baseman on the open market. Frazier played in 147 games last season for the Chicago White Sox and Yankees, and New York loved having him in the locker room. If they can make it happen, this will be where he ends up.

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