2018 MLB Power Rankings - Final Preseason Edition

With baseball season upon us, we give you our final MLB Preseason Power Rankings for the 2018 season.

After an incredible World Series, the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers remain at the top of our power rankings, having only improved their rosters in the offseason. After them, we have the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs, who are hoping new additions in Giancarlo Stanton and Yu Darvish respectively, will put them over the edge. To finish off the top 5 we have the Cleveland Indians, who are hoping to make it back to the World Series after being knocked out by the New York Yankees. 

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Our full list of rankings is listed below:
#30 Miami Marlins
#29 Detroit Tigers
#28 Cincinnati Reds
#27 Tampa Bay Rays
#26 Pittsburgh Pirates
#25 Chicago White Sox
#24 Kansas City Royals
#23 San Diego Padres
#22 Atlanta Braves
#21 Philadelphia Phillies
#20 Oakland Athletics
#19 Baltimore Orioles
#18 San Francisco Giants
#17 New York Mets
#16 Minnesota Twins
#15 Toronto Blue Jays
#14 Texas Rangers
#13 Milwaukee Brewers
#12 Seattle Mariners
#11 Colorado Rockies
#10 St. Louis Cardinals
#9 Arizona Diamondbacks
#8 Los Angeles Angels
#7 Washington Nationals
#6 Boston Red Sox
#5 Cleveland Indians
#4 Chicago Cubs
#3 New York Yankees
#2 Los Angeles Dodgers
#1 Houston Astros

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