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‘Tis the season for a veritable cornucopia of Mizzou Sports news

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I’d thought I’d take a few moments to shout out some of the people I’m thankful for this season (and this week) in the Mizzou sports universe. So lean back, kick your feet up, sip on a piping hot salted caramel mocha (my Fall caffeinated beverage of choice) and enjoy.

I’m thankful for this guy, Nick Bolton. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Cale Garrett may be out, but Bolton has been filling in admirably as a leader, hasn’t he?

#Mizzou's @_nickbolton2 leads the @SEC in:

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u25aaufe0f Tackles Per Game
u25aaufe0f Solo Tackles
u25aaufe0f Solo Tackles Per Game#MIZ | #ShowMe pic.