The 3 Most Likely Bowl Destinations For The Mizzou Tigers

Mizzou has once again exceeded expectations, and the Tigers can expect to land in an upper-tier bowl despite their loss to Alabama on Saturday. The SEC East couldn't vault themselves back into playoff contention, but they can still end the season on a very high note...let's take a look at where they could end up:

TaxSlayer Bowl (SEC vs. ACC/Big Ten)

Sat., Jan. 2, 3:20 p.m. ET

EverBank Field, Jacksonville, FL

This isn’t a bad consolation prize for Missouri, though there are other bowl games they’d rather go to. The Tigers would still get a chance to face a good team from another power conference and play in Florida, which isn’t a bad deal. Maryland and Minnesota are the likely opponents here, with Louisville also a possibility.

Outback Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

Thu., Jan. 1, 12:00 p.m. ET

Mizzou's loss on Saturday means they could potentially get jumped by Georgia or Auburn, leaving them in the dreaded 'SEC 3-8' category that could lead them to a number of possible bowls. The Outback Bowl is the strongest of those available to the teams in that group, though, and Mizzou will have a very strong case for inclusion. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska are the likely opponents here.

Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)

Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL

Thu., Jan. 1, 1:00 p.m. ET

All things considered, the Citrus Bowl is Mizzou's most likely destination. There are plenty of worse places to travel in the winter than Orlando, and the Tigers have to like their odds against any Big 10 team they could face here (or in the Outback Bowl, for that matter...). If the Big 10 lands in the Orange Bowl, though, the ACC takes over their spot...which means Mizzou could be facing anyone from Michigan State to Louisville here. All things considered, the Citrus Bowl is a very solid landing spot for a team that was widely projected to finish 8th in the SEC this season.

Where would you like to see Mizzou go bowling? Let us know in the comments!

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