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Eight years later, David Kahn explains why Wolves passed on Stephen Curry

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Well, well, well.

Three days before the NBA Draft and eight years since the Wolves’ infamous 2009 draft, an old friend has resurfaced.

Former Wolves personnel boss David Kahn, who took over in that role not long before the 2009 draft, has a piece on that is purportedly about a lot of things but most interestingly provides a history of that draft eight years ago and why — from Kahn’s perspective — the Wolves chose Ricky Rubio No. 5 and Jonny Flynn No. 6, passing on Steph Curry.

Curry was drafted No. 7 by the Warriors, and the rest is history — with some revisions and context from Kahn, who writes that Curry’s agent told him shortly after he was hired (about a month before the draft) that Curry’s father, Dell, did not want Minnesota to draft Steph.