3 Reasons Why Karl-Anthony Towns Will Be A Draft Bust

Kentucky big man Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the most-hyped projected #1 NBA Draft picks we've ever come across, but there's still some glaring flaws in his game that could mean the difference between him being a future Hall of Famer and a bust of Michael Olowokandi proportions. Here's our devil's advocate list of 3 Reasons Why Karl-Anthony Towns Will Be A Draft Bust.

1. An Undeveloped Offensive Game In The Post

Towns picked up his game on the offensive end in the NCAA Tournament, posting two 20-plus point efforts including a 25-point gem against Notre Dame in the Elite 8. However, he was inconsistent all season long when it came to finishing around the rim and it sometimes appears he lacks the killer instinct he exhibits on defense when he's jostling for position on the offensive end.

2. Footwork Issues/Clumsiness

At the advanced speed of the NBA, there's a wide array of deft big man and adventurous guards who are going to take advantage of Towns' below-average footwork when holed up in the block. It's more of a glaring issue on offense, but there's questions about whether his periodic bouts of clumsiness will put him out on an island at the next level.

3. Lower Body Strength

If Towns can get you lined up and close in on you, he can use his tremendous upper-body strength to play the bully. But again, if he has to play chase against quicker players who force him to use his legs to close the gap, he has a tendency to get knocked around and moved off of his spot due to noticeable issues with his overall lower body strength.

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