Michigan football rumors: Injuries report, game prediction for Sugar Bowl

Eureka! I have finally made contact with my main man inside the Michigan football program to get the scoop on the latest rumors and news on the Michigan football program leading in to today's Sugar Bowl game with Virginia Tech. I had two main pieces of info I wanted to get out of him, and he did not disappoint.

1. Any truth that Denard rolled an ankle?

2. Are we going to win?

Lets start with #1, on Denard:

I didn't have much info to go on when reporting that there were rumors out there on

[caption id="attachment_10" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="I ain't hurt, baby!"][/caption]

Denard's ankle being injured last week, but alas, it is my job to report that the rumor exists. I asked my guy to give it to me straight, his response: "There is truth to every rumor it seems, but this one has been overblown. Denard slightly rolled the ankle on Friday, but was fine and rearing to go by Sunday morning. Anyone who says he isn't going to be 100% by game time is pulling your chain. We are all good."

Whew. Great news to hear.

On to #2, the important stuff. Will Michigan win tonight?

If #1 above was bad news, I may have had to rethink my game prediction, but since it appears we are all good on the injury front, I am confident in a Michigan victory. But, is the team confident?

"Sure, they are confident. I think more than anything, the seniors on the d-line, plus the confidence in the coaching staff and their game plan, has these guys on cloud 9 right now. They are bursting from the seams with anticipation to go out there are kick some major ass.

"Think about this: There has been 1 team in Michigan football history in to accomplish this trifecta: Beat OSU in season finale, win bowl game and win 11 games total. 1 team! The 1997 team is the only team in Michigan history to ever accomplish that. This team, while coming in with LOW expectations, even from me, has the chance to go down as one of the all-time great teams in the history of this program They know that, and Hoke is pounding the tables to make sure they have a sense of urgency to finish strong.

"We are going to win this game man. Trust me. I think it goes like the Nebraska game did. Close early, but we bury them in 2nd half."

Well, there you have it. Sounds good to me. My prediction: Michigan 35 VT 17

One other minor note. Tennessee freshman WR DeAnthony Arnett has been granted a release from Tennessee to attend any school in Michigan he wants, including U-M. Several players/recruits I stay in contact with have told me that he has Michigan #1 on his list and wants to be there badly. Expect to see him on campus for an unofficial visit for a basketball game in the coming weeks. There is still uncertainty whether he has to take online classes at UT this semester or if he can enroll in a new school as soon as possible. Coach Hoke, lets get this guy.

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