"Ball Park Pup" Provides Lift at Brewers Spring Training

Spring training can be a tough time of year for MLB players. Tensions are high as players readjust to the rigors of daily games and fight for roster spots in the Arizona heat. However, the mood has been a lot lighter around Brewers camp due to an unexpected canine guest that showed up at the team facility.

A stray dog looking a little worse for wear showed up at the team complex on Feb. 17. Brewers employees took him in and got him checked out and cleaned by a veterinarian. Shortly thereafter, the 2-year-old bichon frise mix was dubbed "Hank," after former Milwaukee Brave Hank Aaron.


Players and front office employees alike have taken to the four-legged fielder. Hank has been treated to on-field and locker room appearances with the players, nightly stays with staff members, and even his first sausage race with the Brewers famous racing sausages.

[caption id="attachment_38" align="alignnone" width="660" caption="Hank with the famous racing sausages. (Photo by Lauren Guzman)"][/caption]

Hank's celebrity has quickly grown after his story was broken by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "Peanuts and Cracker Jack" blog. Although efforts have been made to find his original owner, there is an increasing possibility that the Brewers could be bringing their new mascot back to Milwaukee.

Team owner Mark Attanasio said in an Associated Press interview that he's already feeling the heat to sign Hank long-term.

"I was in Europe this week (Feb. 23) on business and I had four texts from my wife," Attanasio said, "and three of them were 'What can I do to adopt Hank the Dog?'"

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