3 Trades The Milwaukee Brewers Could Make At The Trade Deadline

We're less than three weeks away from the 2015 MLB trade deadline, which means there are plenty of rumors swirling around the Milwaukee Brewers and what they might do on the trade market. Here are three trades they could make by the deadline:

Trade Francisco Rodriguez to Cubs for Javier Baez, prospect

Rodriguez was an All-Star again this year, but with the Brewers struggling, he'll likely be playing somewhere else after the deadline. The Cubs need a closer to hold onto a wild card spot and make the postseason, and they've made top prospect Javier Baez available for a trade. The Brewers are looking for prospects they can build around, and Baez has the kind of power bat that intrigues them.

Trade Aramis Ramirez to Mets for prospects

The Brewers and Mets have already had talks about swapping these two players, but the deal seems dependent upon whether Ramirez will retire after the season or not. He currently plans to, according to Fox Sports' Jon Morosi, but is trying to be persuaded out of it. New York is looking for help at third base with David Wright potentially out for the year.

Trade Jean Segura to Mets for prospects

If Ramirez stays intent on retiring, the two clubs have also discussed a deal centered around Segura. The 25-year-old is under contract for three more years, but hasn't done anything to separate himself as an above average shortstop. If the Brewers can get a coupld of promising young prospects in return for him, don't be surprised if they pull the trigger.

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