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2004 MAC Football Championship Game Retrospective: Toledo Rockets vs. Miami RedHawks

It’s 10:15 pm, Thursday the 30th on the West Coast as I write this, but of course that just means that Championship Eve has yet to reach me.

I’m listening to Gershwin and Guaraldi, it’s 2 degrees Celsius (about 35 degrees Fahrenheit) outside. I really want to make a hobo mocha—a delightful creation I learned of in Scouts and at the church camp I worked out in Ye Olden Days of 2015, consisting of drip coffee and a scoop of hot cocoa mix.

In a way, listening to Rhapsody in Blue, one of my favorite works, is extremely appropriate as I write about the 2023 Mid-American Conference match-up between the Toledo Rockets and Miami RedHawks.