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Wojo: Wolverines and Spartans aren't separated by much

You’re weary debating which Tigers should be traded. You’re exhausted trying to figure out when the Red Wings and Pistons will win again, and whether the Lions will go 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7.

More than any summer in our collective lifetimes, you can’t wait for college football. You can’t wait to launch into irrational arguments and bait your rivals. Your time is coming.

Michigan and Michigan State will be good, perhaps very good, and even in mid-July, they’re generating the buzz. Both are loaded with returning starters, stacked on defense and stocking up on prospects. The only big victories around here these days (not counting the Tigers’ goose game) is when another recruit commits to the Wolverines or Spartans, and giddy hyperbole ensues.