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MnB staff roundtable returns with zero trademarks and space

The 1901 season for the Wolverines demonstrated a massive shift in success. That year, [Fielding] Yost spurred an intensity in the offense that equipped the Wolverines with the ability to remain undefeated for four seasons, notching 40 straight wins for four national titles in a row...Those Michigan teams went down in history as the ‘point-a-minute’ programs, categorized for their lethal offenses that outscored opponents 2,821-42, with a combined 55-1-1 record from 1901-1905.

-From “Fielding Yost and his famed point-a-minute teams,” The Michigan Daily, 11/14/18

If you’re wondering: that lone loss? 2-0 against The University of Chicago, 1905.