Michigan Football Big-Time Rumors Roundup On Coaching, Kareem Walker, and Shea Patterson - From Insider James Yoder

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Another week of the offseason is in the books and the Michigan Football Report is back again with another HUGE slate of Wolverine rumors to break down for all you dedicated fans. Your hosts Lena Bond (https://www.twitter.com/lenabondsports) and THE Michigan Football Insider, James Yoder (https://www.twitter.com/JamesTYoder), are with you to churn through this massive update and decide which rumors are F-A-C-Ks and which are fiction using our state-of-the-art Jim Harbaugh-head scale. 

What is the Chat Sports Harbaugh-scale?
0 Harbaughs = Totally False    
1 Harbaugh Head = Small shred of truth    
2 Harbaugh Heads = People are talkin’    
3 Harbaugh Heads = Pretty Likely    
4 Harbaugh Heads = “F-A-C-K” (that's how Harbaugh spells it, remember?)

Today, James Yoder breaks down a massive 16 rumors that are surrounding the Michigan football program - and confirms or debunks them based on what his sources are saying. The topics we discuss are:

Kareem Walker off team?
Michigan most popular team on TV?
Washington and Enos join staff?
Harbaugh burned out?
Harbaugh & Drevno getting raises?
Drevno to remain at Michigan Partridge turned down Alabama?
ND asst coach Mike Elston to Michigan?
Hart declined interview with Harbaugh?
More Arkansas staff to MIchigan?
CMU’s Sherrone Moore headed to Michigan?
Scott Turner leaving Michigan for Panthers?
Pep Hamilton being pursued by Raiders?
Shea Patterson #1 pick in 2019 NFL Draft?
NCAA makes decision on eligibility of transfers?
2018 QB Recruit asked to delay enrollment?

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