The 2012 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell and Very Long Hugs

If you watched the NFL draft and LOVE hugs like I do, you no doubt saw the prolonged, perhaps sensual hugs that the commissioner was giving and receiving to draft picks. I know Rog wants to feel the merchandise before he lets it into the league, but in my world when someone gets felt up like this, they at least get a moderately priced dinner first.

Let's take a look:

Mark Barron - Pick #7

Stephon Gilmore - Pick #10 - The classic double arm grab and hand lock around Goodell's back:

Dontari Poe - Pick #11

Michael Floyd - Pick #13

Melvin Ingram - Pick #18 - Incredibly awkward hand slapping into prolonged hug

Although it's not sequential, I saved my absolute favorite for last:

Fletcher Cox - Pick #12 - We don't know exactly when this hug started, but there was 11 seconds of on camera Goodell on Cox contact. Dear reader, as you know all to well, sometimes it's incredibly difficult to let go of the Cox:

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