Michigan State/Golf Channel's Holly Sanders at Quail Hollow - Kid Gets an Up-Close Look...

I really try not to give Michigan State or their alumni any credit at any time, but sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due. For instance, I was always impressed at the criminal that Glenn Winston became under Mark Dantonio's tutelage.  It takes a special athlete with a short temper and probable family issues to put together the rap sheet that Winston did in 2 years on campus.  It takes an enabler like Dantonio to repeatedly give Glenn 2nd-45th chances and pick him up from county lock-up, federal prison or just be the getaway driver when the original driver gets pinched before a potentially huge score.

But enough about Glenn, I'm here to give Michigan State credit for something a little more positive.  Let's take a look at former Michigan State golfer and current Morning Drive host Holly Sanders.  Here she is at the Wells Fargo pro-am last week (hence belated):

Here's the rest of the gallery from Golfwrx.com.

...and my favorite picture from the gallery, which I've titled, "I'm weirdly hungry right now," or "I'm just need five minutes in a locked bathroom."

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