David DeCastro confuses Roethlisberger with Secretary, Probably Harbaugh's Fault

If you are a Stanford graduate and a woman, I'm about to insult you.  Looking at you Condie. The women of Stanford are so masculine that David DeCastro thought Ben Roethlisberger and the team secretary (presumably a woman...and now I've angered all women and not just Stanford grads)  sound exactly alike on the phone.   Maybe he only hung out with chicks on the rowing team, maybe Roethlisberger has low-T or maybe DeCastro is hard of hearing, either way, he's going to get hazed.

I had a vision of this conversation and DeCastro refused to say anything except "Did you get my flight plans."  Obviously, I decided to make a gif.

You're in big trouble Dave.

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