Al Michaels and his Jitterbug Watch the Stanley Cups Finals

A bit off topic, but here's Al Michaels at Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals in LA last night.  Please note the Jitterbug in Al's left hand.  I'm sure he enjoys the "comfortable keypad" for his arthritic fingers, the "large, bright screen" for his macullary degenerating rods and cones and powerful speaker for his rapidly growing ears.

I don't like the look Al's wife is giving that power couple in front of them either.  She's looking like a hungry doberman who just used her hind paw to open the fridge and get at the Boar's head.  Al is none the wiser as he's occupied by a recent text from Wilfred Brimley: "lol, did u c those cans behind the devils bench? what cost more, the implants or the tix?DiaBeetis!"

Oh Wilfred.

h/t sbnation

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