2012 College Softball World Series Produces Great Softball, Hotness

Michigan softball's postseason run came to an end last week, but that's not reason not to appreciate the fast paced softball action to come in the College Softball World Series. Annnnddddd, appreciated.  Now that we've appreciated the softball, it's time to appreciate the chicks playing it....namely the hot ones:

Cassie Trosclair - IF - LSU Tigers - Twitter

(Thank you for the tacit approval of this post)

Heidi Pizer -  IF - LSU -

Alexis Nowell - IF - South Florida

Allie Burger - OF - Oregon

The Oregon Ducks Freshman Class:

From left:  Sara Goodrum, Hannah Melick, Jamie Rae Sullivan, Alyssa Gillespie, Karissa Hovinga,  Janie Takeda


Alix Johnson -  OF - Arizona State - Twitter

Alix Johnson

Mary Spiel - Arizona State - OF - Twitter

Mary Spiel

mary spiel's Profile Picture

Mackenzie Popescue - RHP - Arizona State

I think it's fairly official that with Michigan out of the tourney, I'm rooting for Arizona State.


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