Is Crazy Dad The Real Reason Connor Cook Fell To Raiders In 4th Round Of NFL Draft?

Former Michigan State Spartans quarterback Connor Cook fell all the way to the fourth round in the 2016 NFL Draft, a slide that most speculated was due to his offputting personality off the field. 

While Cook's own character was likely a big factor in going from a potential first-rounder to a Day 3 selection of the Oakland Raiders, it turns out his father's questionable behavior might be the real reason teams stayed away. A Detroit sports blog did a little digging into Chris Cook's social media profile, and the findings were disturbing to say the least (warning: the following tweets are NSFW)

And that's just a sampling of the vitriol spewed by Cook's father. 

While there's no real action that can be taken on the behalf of the Raiders or the NFL, you can be sure that Oakland will keep its guard up in any future dealings with the third-string QB and his family. 

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