What to Watch for: MSU vs. FAU

Last year Michigan State beat Florida Atlantic 30-17 "on the road" at Ford Field.  Edwin Baker was the star of the game rushing for 183 yards on 15 carries including one 80 yard rip.  The biggest thing I could take away from the game was how terrible it was to watch from Jimmy's Pub.  It was raining, but their reception on the dish was the worst I have ever seen.

Besides that, the game wasn't the best to watch because MSU never looks good early in the season, and just like this year the FAU game was State's 2nd of the year.  As everyone saw, MSU didn't look like world beaters last week against Youngstown State.  The good thing is that hardly any other middle of the road (teams ranked outside the top 15) looked much better.

FAU was Gator food last week.  They rushed for 30 yards as a team while putting up 3 points losing 41-3.  MSU will not match what Florida did.  It's interesting to me that Howard Schnellenberger hasn't brought better recruiting to FAU.  He must not have the same budget he was working with back in his glory days at The U when he was poppin bottles with championship rings.

Here's what I want to see in the game.  I want to see the offensive line come out and play like they won't get fed after the game if they don't push the line of scrimmage forward 3 yards every play.  IF that does not happen, I want to see backups get a shot.  Only Foreman and McDonald have spots set.  Burkland impressed me last week but if he, McGaha (who is not listed as a starter), Treadwell, France, or Fonoti can't get it done, find somebody who can.

My only other question still is the defensive line.  What I want to see isn't as obvious as just saying get a push or apply more pressure.  I want to see fewer people used.  It's great to have depth at the position.  Depth can be mistaken for people being out of shape and gassed after one play last week.  I want to see the same front four play all 3 downs of a series.  That also implies that I want to see a 3 and out every once in a while.  That's not too demanding.  I mean FAU rushed for 30 yards last week against a team that is ranked behind MSU.

Sitting here drinking a beer late on Friday night (I'm waiting to post until the morning) I actually have lots of confidence in the Spartans.  I picture it being an easy day at the office.  I don't think Max Bullough will get as many tackles as last week just because he won't be forced to clean up as many mistakes.  The corners will be just as good and hopefully Trenton Robinson doesn't get burned over the top.  But for me, someone who is routinely called pessimistic, I see a 30 point Spartan win.

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignright" width="256" caption="Schnelly's Stace circa 1979"][/caption]

Here is what's really to watch for in the game.  Howard Schnellenberger's mustache.  Some will say that it was Bernie Kosar who led that 83 Canes team to the National Title, but the real star was that fantastic stache.

This one will be short.  This game doesn't matter much more than YSU.  The real game to watch tomorrow is the "battle" down the road between the ALWAYS overrated Notre Dame and team that is soon to be overrated Michigan.  I like Brady Hoke.  I think he's good for Michigan, and I think he's hilarious in his overt love for Michigan Men.  It should be at least a more interesting game to watch with fumbles and turnovers galore.

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