The Scariest Coaches in NCAA College Basketball

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1.) Frank Martin, Kansas State University

Congratulations to Frank Martin, head basketball coach at Kansas State University. You’ve just won the scariest basketball coach award in the NCAA as the most frightenting. Most coaches are average size, but Martin is even more intimidating because of the way he seems to tower over his players. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great coach- but he demands a lot. Look at the guy! Martin gives me chills (for obvious reasons) just talking about him so I’m going to move on….

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2.) Mike Kryzewski, Duke University

Maybe it’s the reputation, records and championships. Or maybe it’s just that evil snarl he gets when he is PISSED. He doesn’t seem like the loudest coach, but he gets his point across. Some coaches may be over-animated for attention, but not Coach K. When he’s disgusted, the death stare makes you know it.

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3.) Tom Izzo, Michigan State

You can catch Tom Izzo sporting a smile occasionally. You can also catch him with a face that is more potent red than Clifford the Big Red Dog. Izzo really is a genuine guy, and his passion for the game is what makes him one of the best coaches in college basketball. NBA franchises have attempted to draw Izzo to the professional level because they know he is one of few that might be able to control a team in the ego-driver National Basketball Association. I just really hope I don’t ever receive one of Izzo’s dark gawks.

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4.) Bo Ryan, Wisconsin University

I already compared him to the villainous coach, Bud Kilmer, from the movie “Varsity Blues” earlier this season. That’s accurate. I wouldn’t want to upset either of them. Bo Ryan usually gets pretty animated on the court- and when he is, it’s usually not good. Nonetheless, he always has a hard-nosed team in Madison.

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5.) Pat Summitt. Tennessee Volunteers Women’s Basketball

Yeah, she’s a women’s coach. Doesn’t matter, she’s up there with the rest of them. Summitt is a commander. She doesn’t mess around, and that’s why she’s probably the best women’s coach of all time. She was recently diagnosed with dementia. Her response? "There's not going to be any pity party and I'll make sure of that." I think that speaks for itself.


Honorable Mention:

  • ***Bobby Knight, Indiana/Texas Tech (retired)
  • Gene Keady, Purdue (Current St. John's Assistant)
  • Rick Pitino, Everywhere (Current Louisville head coach)
  • Bob Huggins, West Virginia/Cincinnati/Kansas State University (Current WVU head coach)

***Let’s be honest, you can’t have a list like this and not mention Bobby Knight….

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