The BS of the BCS

A few weeks ago I predicted (correctly) that MSU and Wisconsin would face off again in the B1G Championship Game.  I also realized that more than likely only one team from the Big Ten would make a BCS Bowl.  I still think I'm going to be right on that one too.  Lately Michigan fans seem to think they are going to a BCS Bowl, but I just don't see it.

I sat down and tried to go through the BCS system to place teams into the 5 BCS Bowls.  I read through the qualification rules and the current standings along with upcoming schedules and did my best to place all the teams.  I will say now that I could be wrong with my theory but I do think I have it.  Please, if you have a different view, AND CAN ACTUALLY BACK IT UP WITH FACT! let me know in the comments!

Here are the ten teams I have going to BCS Bowls.  Don't quote me on the matchups, but the teams that are in as a whole.

BCS Championship Game: #1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama

I don't want this to happen.  The "Game of the Century" sucked.  I would much rather watch the offenses of Oregon and OK State air it out than a defensive suckfest.  Let me clarify.  The defenses don't suck for these two teams, but they make the opposing offenses suck.  As much as I appreciate it, I hate watching it.

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Wisconsin

Sorry fellow Spartans, I don't see MSU beating Wisconsin for a second time this year.  Wisconsin is about 41 seconds and a bit of Jesus loving away from playing in the National Championship.  I have a feeling they will be a little angry.  Regardless, the winner of the B1G championship goes BCS, the loser drops below the rankings.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

The ACC champ gets the bid for the Orange Bowl.  I'm VaTech beats a reeling Clemson team.  Otherwise this whole prediction goes to hell.  I refuse to look into the three-way tie-breaker for the Big East.  The conference is a joke and they make it so that there is one BCS Bowl every year that nobody wants to watch.  Louisville and Cincinnati are the other two possibilities to win the conference.  But really, who cares.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Houston

I'm predicting Oklahoma to beat Oklahoma State to get the automatic bid here.  Houston gets in being ranked in the top 16 with having an AQ conference champ ranked lower than them.  The Big East will have that.

Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford

Both of these are at-large teams.  The SEC Champ gets the bid for this, but sadly two teams will already be playing in the championship.  These are my last two teams in.  I would absolutely love to see this matchup.  You can switch up Stanford and Houston at will and OU and OK ST depending on who wins Saturday.

Michigan is the next team on the list to get in.  I can't, however, see them getting there.  Any upset would put them that much more out of it.  Arkansas, Kansas State, South Carolina, and Georgia are all eliminated due to the rule of only 2 teams from each conference being allowed in.  Georgia could break that and force three SEC teams in if they win the SEC Championship and LSU and Alabama are still ranked #1 and #2 in the BCS Rankings.  Then all three would go.  Boise State is eliminated because Houston gets the one non-AQ spot.  Boise would be next in if SMU beats Houston.  Even though I see Baylor jumping Michigan in the rankings with a win over Texas, they fall into the same predicament of not getting more than 2 teams into BCS Bowls.

There you have it.  That is my best guess at how the BCS will unfold.  Now it's time to hope there are no upsets this weekend!  And seriously, if you see it differently and can back it up with more than the opinion of "Everyone wants to see Denard Robinson play and therefore the BCS will select Michigan," leave it in the comments!

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And a final side note: Congrats to the Spartans receiving recognition in the All-League voting.  It's ridiculous that BJ Cunningham is not on the First-Team.  I guess it just continues him being the most underrated receiver in the Nation.

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