The 8 Places That Make East Lansing the Best College Town in America

It doesn't take long for East Lansing to make you feel a certain type of way. Ask your friends down in Ann Arbor how they match up to this list.

Rick's American Cafe

Descend the stairs and your memory will begin to fade into loud, sweaty darkness - and that's probably for the better. There's nothing pretty about Rick's, but it makes the college experience...well, a college experience.

Menna's Joint

Greasy goodness. Basically, they put anything you can think of into a tortilla. With the installation of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, you can now wash everything down with some gooey chocolate chip cookies and watch a bunch of drunks attempt to dispense Coke from a digital screen.

Lansing Lugnuts Games

Just a few miles down the road, you can pass by the State Capitol and find yourself at a quaint baseball stadium. The minor league single-A Lansing Lugnuts offer constant promotions targeted at college students.


An incredibly extensive selection of beers on tap is topped only by the fact that you can order them by the bucket. As in giant buckets, filled with beer. And since you're already drinking beer out of a bucket, you may as well order some of their famous pizza nugs (also in a bucket).

Peanut Barrel

Peanut Barrel can be summed up in three things: peanuts, long islands, and the outdoor patio.

The Riv

The Riv is home to one of the greatest inventions in human history: Burgerama. Pitchers for $3.50 and burgers for $1.50. You can also play life-sized Jenga. God Bless America.


If you're looking for good people-watching or just some quality drunk food, head on over to Conrad's. They recently opened a second location on east campus!

Jersey Giant

Ok, so there aren't technically any Jersey Giants on campus. But follow the scent of the freshly baked bread and sliced meat down Grand River for happiness that you can bring to work tomorrow.

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