Remember When: MSU Beat Michigan

I never condone hitting a woman, but I will say that beating Little Sister felt great on Saturday.  There is nothing better than bringing moronic Michigan slappies back to Earth.  Remember when Denard Robinson was the favorite for the Heisman?  Remember how all along I've said he's not a quarterback?  How can you be labeled as a quarterback when you are pulled when your team has to throw the ball?  The last time I saw that happen was when I was covering high school football.

[caption id="attachment_155" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Denard Robinson's natural throwing motion."][/caption]

Over the course of the next year, until Michigan has a chance (barely) to end their losing streak, you will hear numerous fans complain about the game and how "dirty" MSU was.  I've seen the Gholston plays.  Yes, he did go too far and I'm sure he won't be playing Saturday night when MSU plays a team that is actually as good as their ranking.  The fact of the matter about the game is that the MSU defense was dominant.  They have been dominant all year.  On a day where it was obvious that both teams had to run because of the wind, MSU held Michigan to just 82 yards rushing with the best player in the history of September only getting 42.

My big hope is that Pat Narduzzi continues to blitz like he has been.  It became very obvious to me in the 3rd and 4th quarter that the defense needs to blitz.  When he would drop 7 into coverage, Robinson and Gardner had time to throw and actually completed some passes.  When he was sending combinations of linebackers, corners, and safeties, Michigan quarterbacks didn't stand a chance.  Denard was lucky he only threw one interception and didn't lose any fumbles.

I have waited all week for one of our 5+ Michigan contributors to say something about the game.  Nothing from the guy who said the game was not a must win game because OSU is more important.  The only thing they have been able to come up with is saying that Will Gholston is essentially the cheapest player in the nation.  That's all any Michigan fan can come up with anywhere.  Oh boo hoo.  He got penalized and suspended.  MSU got penalized a lot, but it didn't matter.  It took a fake field goal for Michigan to do anything on offense.  Don't let anybody try to tell you that MSU knocked out Denard Robinson illegally.  He was getting pulled by his own coaching staff for a guy who clearly doesn't know the rules of being a quarterback.

MSU showed up, plain and simple.  Against OSU it was the defensive line that came up big.  Against Michigan it was the offensive line that made a big impact.  Edwin Baker was finally able to get to the second level.  I thought that Kirk Cousins had a very good game.  With the windy conditions, he made good throws and managed the game which he had to do.  If KeShawn Martin doesn't drop the perfectly thrown ball, Cousins has a near great game.  I seriously wonder the difference between the regular gloves and the Pro Combat gloves.  Martin does drop a lot of balls so that's to be expected, but the drop by Dennard, and the two fumbles (well Baker's at least) seemed very out of the ordinary.

Everything is coming together at just the right time.  Wisconsin scares just about everybody.  Russell Wilson is the perfect addition to that team.  I'll get more into the game tomorrow but it will be one to watch as the #2 defense in the nation (Alabama took over #1 barely) takes on the #8 offense in the nation.  I feel I need to say that the defense belongs to MSU while the offense would be Wisconsin.  It stills takes a bit to get used to that.

Finally, whenever a Michigan slappy tries to bitch about the game don't engage, simply hold up 4 fingers.  They'll know.

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