Previewing the Matchup of the Year: MSU vs. Youngstown State

Sorry, the title should read "first matchup of the year."  I hate these games.  There is nothing good that can come from it for Michigan State.  If they win, they were supposed to win by more.  If they lose they are the laughing stock of the Big Ten and probably more.  Michigan fans still take crap for App State.

I tried looking for video of Youngstown State but when I searched for penguin scouting this was the best video I could find.[yframe url=''] I figure that is as accurate of a depiction of what Friday night will look like as I can find.  Youngstown State couldn't even be as cool as the Otters of Cal State, Monterey Bay.[yframe url='!']

This game is meant for all the MSU players from the state of Ohio to make fun their high school teammates and opponents for not being able to get a scholarship to a real school then teach them what the difference between Big Ten and the Missouri Valley Football Conference.  Youngstown State went 3-8 last year losing their last 7 games.  They did beat Butler, but this again is football not basketball.

There are a few things I will be watching from the stands.  How well will the 3 guys who have never started play on the offensive line?  How long will it take BJ Cunningham to break the all-time catches record?  He's one of the Ohio guys sure to rub it in when he dominates.  The last thing I will be trying to watch is if the linebackers are in the right place or just running around making mistakes while trying to make plays.  Sadly I don't think we will see any of these things happen.  I can't wait until we get rid of all the 1AA teams from the schedules of FBS schools.

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