Predicting The Win Over Michigan

It's a beautiful day for football!  Actually I don't know if it is or not.  It's before 7 am and I'm not thrilled with the fact that I'm awake right now.  The thing that has me and the rest of Spartan Nation excited is the anticipation of winning today.  Can I just say right now before I head on to campus to tailgate- I don't go out of my way to talk trash, but if you start it I will end it.  Before we even get to that though, if you didn't go to the school, you can't talk trash to someone who did go to the other school.  That would make every argument better.  If you want to tell me how "you" are going to win, I will counter with "I didn't realize we were playing Eastern Michigan today" and continue on my way.

I like to argue using numbers for backup.  Check these out: 47, 52, 56, 82, 91, 106, 1.  Those are the defensive rankings of the teams Michigan has played including MSU there with the #1.  The 47 belongs to Western Michigan.  You're kidding me if you want to say you faced a real defense so far.

In case you don't understand numbers, which most Michigan fans don't, I'll use this video for example.  Denard Robinson is played by the dude on the mountain bike, and the part of Denicos Allen will be played by the antelope.[yframe url='']15 yard penalty be damned, I will take that helmet to helmet hit all day.  Enter Devin Gardner.

Earlier in the week I pointed out why MSU will win.  Now I will tell you what they need to do to not lose.

Kirk Cousins has not exactly been stellar this season.  It's pretty well documented.  I try to help document it when I can.  By now I think I've gotten my point across on Twitter that he stares down receivers, throws off his backfoot, and throws into double coverage more than what is good for him and the team.  The reason that his mistakes are highlighted is that the offense is relying too much on him to make a play with his arm.  Cousins has not progressed like I thought he would in his time at MSU.  He is still a good quarterback though.  If MSU would be able to run the ball, his periodic melt downs wouldn't be the focus.  The only thing that has really changed from last year is that instead of talking about the domination of Edwin Baker and Le'Veon Bell, now we have to focus on Cousins' inconsistency.

How do you get around that?  Fix the playcalling.  I remember when OC Dan Roushar said that it would be a more exciting offense going for big plays more.  Not happening.  It's the same vanilla crap I put up with from Don Treadwell.  The O line is terrible.  Everyone knows that.  You haven't been able to let Le'Veon Bell, who should be getting 90% of the carries, get into a groove.  Take more shots downfield.  BJ Cunningham is proving week in and week out that he is not only the Spartan with the most career catches, but he is one of the best receivers ever at MSU.  Get him the ball.  Having a healthy(ish) Keshawn Martin and Bennie Fowler will help tremendously.

Last game the MSU defensive line came out motivated.  This week the offensive line needs to find that same fire.  Get a push for once.  Come off the ball and try to rip people's heads off.  If Le'Veon Bell gets any bit of a hole, we have seen what he can do to guys at the second level.  I know that he just needs one decent block to make this into a big day.

The other number I will use is 9.  Denard Robinson has thrown 9 interceptions.  Yes, he has 10 TDs to go along with that, but everything comes from the same play: "Go deep and I'm gonna throw it up."  He might as well call out 500 dead or alive with how he's playing.  The obvious thing is to contain his running ability and force him to make throws.  He tried to throw in the first half against Northwestern.  They also went into the half losing to Northwestern.  Robinson has significantly less throwing attempts after halftime this season.  That has to be Michigan's offensive game play.  Let Denard do whatever the hell he wants for a half then bring him in and have him stop throwing.  And it has worked well.

In the end, the #1 MSU defense will hold strong for all 4 quarters and Kirk Cousins won't be the offensive focus.  Michigan State will win 27-20 and Michigan fans will continue to look for ways to justify the loss.  The first person who tells me this loss doesn't matter because they only care about OSU is getting a foot in the balls.  That goes for chicks too, because we all know if she's rooting for Michigan she probably has balls bigger than her Adam's Apple.[yframe url='']

Go Green!

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