Occupy Gameday: East Lansing

I was going to write an elaborate analysis of the Michigan State- Wisconsin game.  Instead, a friend and I made signs to take to College Gameday for #OccupyGameday.  Mike Thompson, a former Sparty, and I took it upon ourselves to make Dan Nation proud.  We

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Most of us here at ChatSports are fans of The Dan Patrick Show.  If you've listened to or watched the show in the last few weeks you know what I mean when I say Occupy Gameday.  For those who have no clue what I'm talking about:

Dan Patrick used to be on ESPN both Sportscenter and with his own radio show.  He left the network and they have since disowned him.  They will not allow any ESPN employees on his show out of spite.  Yet another reason why I hate ESPoN.  The goal of the occupy movement is to get sings referencing the well-listened to show on College Gameday.  The more creative the better for longtime fans of the show.

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We created four signs.  Throughout the show we waited picking out the perfect spot to be.  We didn't waste our time with Erin Andrews.  We wanted the Big Show.  We got to a spot just over Chris Fowler's left shoulder (right if you're watching on TV).  All four sings were readable and clearly on.  The best was the final sign.  We timed it perfectly.  I know we succeeded because ESPN officials came over to me and took the sign from me.

[caption id="attachment_161" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Run Seton Run"][/caption]

Most of our signs were harmless references to our favorite sports show.  We had one for The Box Score, an after-the-show behind-the-scenes type show now featured on The Audience Network.  Run Seton Run to support Patrick "Seton" O'Connor running in the NYC Marathon.  Sparty doesn't own a dog goes back to Dan's favorite line about anybody who is scared to come on the show.  "If you're scared, buy a dog."  Sparty's not scared.


Then came the blatant direct reference to the big man.  We were smart about how we went about it.  We made two separate signs, "Hey Dan" and "Patrick we love your hair."  Anybody who knows Dan Patrick knows that he cherishes his voice above almost anything...except his hair.  We had one shot to get the sign up.  We didn't put it up until the moment knowing that it would get taken.  Finally after getting to the perfect spot, Tom Rinaldi threw back to Fowler.  I was the only one ready for it.  Thompson and I got our signs up and this was the moment of glory.

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We knew that we made it on in the perfect spot thanks to ESPN's gigantic video board.  Within 2 minutes I had the fun police from ESPN come over and take the sign away.  We win.  I can't wait to see where #OccupyGameday goes next.  I hate watching ESPN, but I will just to see what signs show up.  I suggest we at ChatSports fully support the movement as we cover most of the top teams in the nation.

As far as the game goes, I offer you this:[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vBz2EBapo0']It brings back great memories of being yelled at by Wisconsin fans in the stadium as I cheered for Nemo knocking somebody out.  We may have lost that game, but this is all anybody remembers.  Well anybody except for the dude who got KTFO.

Prediction: Wisconsin 31- MSU 21.  Russell Wilson is a true dual threat QUARTERBACK unlike others MSU has played this season.  That offense scares me too much.  Wilson can elude what blitz makes it through that behemoth offensive line and make throws on the run.  Cousins needs to have a great, not just good game which I, unlike Mateen Cleaves, don't see happening.

Go Green!

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Mike called in to the show this morning.  Here is his national radio debut.

Mike from East Lansing on The Dan Patrick Show

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