Nice to Meet You

If you are here you are a Spartan fan.  I'm a fan too, but I probably don't show it the same way as you.  I wear green and white more than I probably should.  I know all the words to the fight song (and sing it correctly).  The difference between me and you is that I try to remain unbiased.  I want to bring you the best information, along with the most educated opinion.  I don't consider myself "an insider" or an expert, but I am on the inside and do usually know more about what is going on at MSU than most.

I love watching games and analyzing plays whether it be football or basketball.  I love interviewing players and coaches to better understand what is going on.  I even love breaking down stats.  I am going to bring all that to you.  My goal is to infotain you.  A great co-worker of mine once described what we the media should ultimately do is infotain an audience.  I'm going to bring you the information you need and deliver it in a way you like.

I've been covering Michigan State for the last three years for a couple different radio stations in the area.  I hosted "The Spartan Sportswrap" on The Impact, MSU Student Radio for two years then moved to a station in Lansing for a couple years.  I go to the games and press conferences and get audio and video to share with you.  Since I'm 25 I love technology.  That means I use Twitter and Facebook to connect with fans (follow me @ChatSpartans and become a fan on Facebook here).

I love the Spartans, but as you will come to find, I do not sugar-coat things.  As my old co-host and I would describe ourselves..."we're not pessimistic we're realistic."  You might not always like what I have to say but I won't ever say things just to get a rise out of you.  Football and basketball are my specialty.  I'll also bring you some recruiting news.  I like to go out and watch recruits in person and relay what I see to you.  I'll bring you video and audio from postgame interviews and press conferences.  And of course, I'll bring you unique insight and opinion into our favorite team MSU.

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