7 Reasons Why Michigan State Football Will Always Be Better Than Michigan

By Ray Ito, Chat Sports Campus Ambassador at Michigan State University

1. Michigan State is 7-1 against Michigan since 2008

2. Michigan State currently has a 3 game winning streak against Michigan

3. Recent bowl games

Michigan State has won its last 4 bowl games against Georgia, TCU, Stanford and Baylor and including a Rose Bowl win in 2014 and a Cotton Bowl win in 2015 ... while Michigan didn’t go to a bowl game in 2014 and LOST in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (aka Cactus Bowl)in 2013.

4. Rioting

There is a Wikipedia page about the MSU riots...Seriously. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michigan_State_University_student_riots

5. Coaches

'Nuff said....

6. We keep it classy

7. Block Six

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