10 Game Day Traditions That Make Michigan State Football Games Amazing

By Nicole Robbins, Chat Sports Campus Ambassador at Michigan State University

It’s early Saturday morning and you’re trying to figure out what to do for the football game, here are just a few suggestions while in East Lansing at Michigan State University! 

1. Zeke the Wonder Dog

There is no halftime show without being on the edge of your seat wondering if the infamous golden retriever will catch the next Frisbee thrown for him.

2. Tailgating 

Other than actually watching the game, one of Spartan fan’s favorite past times during the fall is tailgating before home games, and even for some away games.

3. The Sea of Green and White 

No matter who the game is against, and how many people are in town to support the opposing team, there is always a sea of green and white wherever you go on campus

4. “It’s a Beautiful Day for Football!”

The weather has no effect on the Spartan fans because they love their football team will stand by them and they know any weather is perfect for football.

5. The Spartan Marching Band

This band is beyond talented and is nearly bursting at the seams with school spirit. They never disappoint with their halftime performances.

6. The Fight Song

If you didn’t know the fight song at the beginning of the day, don’t worry you will by the end of it. Michigan State is a school that is proud of its spirit and it will show with the amount you hear the fight song on game days.

7. Sparty Watch

Though this is specifically for the week where Michigan State plays against Michigan, it is a tradition that will always pump up fans and get them ready for a football game that is bound to be good.

8. Sparty is Everywhere

Halloween is not the only day people like to dress up, game day in East Lansing is full of people in the well-known Sparty attire.

9. Spartan Stadium 

Though it may not be the biggest in the conference, let alone the country, it is definitely one of the loudest. From the “Go Green, Go White” chants to just plain cheering after an amazing play, the stadium gets intense.

10. “Spartans, what is your Profession?”

A-oo! A-oo! A-oo! Made popular by the movie 300, Michigan State sports have adopted this into something that gets the fans excited.

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