Marlins News: Ichiro Suzuki's Introductory Press Conference Gets Lost In Translation

The Japanese word 'ryori' literally translates to 'cook,' but can also be used as 'to make use of.' This is an important fact to know when you read this next quote from new Miami Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki at his introductory press conference in Japan this week.

"I'd like you to see how I will be cooked by this organization...,” Ichiro's translator said to the assembled media, via Eric Barrow of the New York Daily News. “At the same time I want to see how well they cook me so that's another thing that I have in my mind that's a kind of mixed feeling I'm having right now."

What was an honest assessment of mixed emotions by Ichiro in regards to the nervousness of joining a new organization turned into a bit of a sideshow when the translator went fully literal with Ichiro's words.

Team president David Samson was amused by the mix-up, turning towards Ichiro with a smile after the translator's gaffe. However, Ichiro wasn't smiling, so Samson's grin quickly vanished.

All in all, it was a strange start to Ichiro's time with the Marlins, but one that will at least keep baseball humorists busy for awhile.

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