3 Trades The Miami Marlins Could Make Before The Deadline

The Miami Marlins have seemingly fallen by the wayside in the NL East and NL Wild Card pictures, making them a legitimate candidate for a fire sale before the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline. With that being said, here's 3 Trades The Miami Marlins Could Make Before The Deadline.

1. RHP Dan Haren to the Pittsburgh Pirates for mid-level prospects

While this wouldn't be the trade to the West Coast that Haren was opining for before the season, the Pittsburgh Pirates and their relative budget-shopping ways present a perfect fit for the veteran righty. The Pirates would be on the hook for less than half of the $10 million owed to Haren in his walk year, renting a proven commodity who has quietly put up a solid year with a 7-5 record, 3.46 ERA, 1.09 WHIP and 81 strikeouts to just 23 walks.

2. RHP Mat Latos to Toronto Blue Jays for who the heck knows

Here's the problem with Latos -- the return he'll command via trade will come down to just how much teams are willing to buy into his six quality starts over his first seven games since his return from the disabled list. The Blue Jays are desperate for pitching and could part with a borderline Top 200 prospect for Latos at a pro-rated $9.4 million clip, especially with it being a half-year rental. Or they could wheedle the Marlins, forcing their hand for a compromise of lower-to-mid tier prospects.

3. 1B/OF Michael Morse to San Francisco Giants for one MLB-ready player (or mid-level prospects) and cash considerations

The compensation might be a stretch seeing just how much of a dud Morse has been in the first year of a two-year, $16 million deal in Miami. However, San Francisco's coaching staff knows just how to work with Morse and his swing, tweaking things here and there to make him a credible middle-of-the-order threat. He's still a name brand-caliber player who can go on a tear and slug his way out of his current funk, so an MLB-ready (or verge AAA) utility player or depth arm isn't out of the realm of possibility. SF is reportedly in the market for a budget impact bat, and cash considerations/familiarity could sweeten this pot.

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