What Heat Fans and Players Are Saying About Their Finals Performance So Far

As Miami looks for a third straight championship in a fourth consecutive finals appearance, fans and players are taking to social media to express their thoughts.

The Spurs hold a 2-1 series lead after beating the Heat 111-92 in Miami. This matchup is following the same pattern as last year's battle - if it continues, we could see the series come down to a Game 7.

San Antonio has shown how much they want redemption and a title by moving the ball well, taking smart shots and staying aggressive on defense. Kawhi Leonard was the star player of the night on Tuesday, with a career-high 29 points for the Spurs.

Miami, aware of the sloppy basketball they've been playing, must step up in every aspect of the game in order to compete with the Spurs.

Let's see what the players have to say about their performance after game 3:

LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Mario Chalmers are all staying positive about the series. Miami is known for fixing their mistakes after a loss and coming back strong.

Let's look at what Heat fans are saying about the performance by Miami in the first three games in the series:

Professional football player and serious basketball fan Mike Vick recognizes Miami's abilities despite being down.

A dedicated fan at his finest, but he wasn't the only one who still supported his team after a rough Game 3 loss.

Loyal Heat fans continue to show their love for Miami on twitter. But there are some frustrated with their team:

Then, there are the San Antonio fans who think they have it in the bag:

There is no doubt we're seeing a championship series between the two best teams in the league. One is on a mission of redemption, one is seeking to write their names in history with a threepeat.

Miami will come back strong, like they always do.

Prediction: Heat in game 7

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