Ten Worst Moments in LeBron James' Career

LeBron James may be on the way to silencing a nation of 'haters' who doubt his ability to win a championship with 2 more victories this season vs. "America's Team", the OKC Thunder.

While there will be plenty of articles next week praising LBJ's greatness if and when the Heat win a title, we just thought it would be more fun to take a look back at his most embarrassing moments as a celebrity, including actions by his mother, Gloria.

1. JerseyGATE - January 2003

LeBron was suspended for the second half of his senior season of high school for accepting free throwback jerseys of former Chicago Bears running back Gale Sayers and Washington Bullets center Wes Unseld. from a local memorabilia store in Akron, OH.

James was later reinstated after his mother hired a lawyer to appeal the case after James gave the jerseys back to the merchandiser.

More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/basketball/news/2003/01/31/james_ineligible_ap/

2. LeBron dances and sings at ESPY's - July 2007

LeBron comes out at the 2007 ESPY's dressed as Bobby Brown and actually sings a song tailored to his doubters called "LeBrogative."

3. Wears Yankees hat to Cleveland Indians game - October 2007

Taunts Cleveland fans by wearing an Yankees hat and holding it up high in the air while watching Yankees play in Cleveland in the 2007 ALDS series. The Indians would win the series and go on to play the Red Sox in the ALCS, losing in 7 games.





4. 2009 T shirt ego tour - June 2009

Days after losing the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals to heavy underdog Orlando Magic, LeBron was seen wearing two different t shirts within one week that brought to question his desire to win a championship.

While perceived rival Kobe Bryant was appearing in his 6th NBA Finals and closing in on a 4th ring, LeBron was spotted in New York and St. Tropez with two equally egotistical t shirts.

5. Dunked on by college kid, then confiscates tape - July 2009

In July 2009, LeBron wad dunked on, at his own camp, by then-college star Jordan Crawford. Normally, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but the cover up is what brought a lot of criticism on LeBron. Nike officials at the camp, confiscated the video tape of the dunk happening, for fear of it being leaked all over the internet. The following day, a cell phone video leaked, showing the dunk, and completely embarrassing the King.

6. Yo' Momma and Delonte West . . . . ? May 2010

This one needs no explanation. We ALL heard the rumors.

7. The Decision - July 2010

8. Not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 . . . July 2010

9. That's retarded - May 2011

Listen at the 10 second mark.

10. The 2011 NBA Finals: Games 4-6 4th quarters

Three straight games, all losses in the 2011 NBA Finals, LeBron disappeared in the 4th quarter . . . and also got very snotty with reporters when he was asked tough questions.

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