Miami Heat Player Update: Udonis Haslem Emerges From Out Of The Blue

Miami Heat Player Udonis Haslem is certainly a courageous player to start with. He is even ever ready to challenge the reporters.

During game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals last Sunday, Haslem was able to score 17 points which made the number of reporters who wanted an interview with him was bigger than the usual. When asked by one reporter about his comeback from a shooting slump, he mentioned that he was never in a slump.

He emphasized that he was just doing what he was asked to do. He added that games are not just always about shots and that it could also be about defense and rebounds. Haslem’s eight field goals became a career high in a playoff game and 17 points were the most he scored since the time he got his foot injured during the early 2011 season.

Somehow, Haslem found a weak spot in the formidable defense of the Pacers and took the most out of that opportunity. As per Haslem, he lives by as a player with the saying that goes around their team and that is: “Perception is not reality.”

Haslem believes they all have different roles to play and that is what it takes to make the entire team of Miami Heat to work.

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