An Interview with LeBron James’ Headband

Me:  Hi LeBron’s Headband, thanks for coming.

LBJH:  Thanks for having me, Matt.

Me:  So how have these playoffs gone for you so far?

LBJH:  It’s been hard, honestly.

Me:  Why is that?

LBJH:  Well if LeBron were a bench player, everything would be fine, but since he’s active in the offense, I find myself always hanging on for dear life.

Me:  Do you ever talk to him about it, or have you asked him to shave his head?

LBJH:  I’ve asked for everything, but the guy just doesn’t give a crap.  It’s getting to the point where I’m becoming more of a Yarmulke, which doesn’t sit well with me since I’m not religious.  I mean I’ve even asked for a little glue, or some fun tack, maybe duct tape, I just want him to meet me half way.

Me:  Have you ever considered leaving LeBron James, and relocating on the head of a more secure and follically blessed individual.

LBJH:  (tearing up) I don’t know, I’ve had a lot of good times with LeBron, and he keeps me very comfortable financially.  He even sent my kids to private school, so I guess I’m doing it for them.

Me: Do you want a tissue.

LBJH:  No, it’s ok (uses self to wipe away tears)

(LeBron bursts through doors)

LeBron:  Yo, where the hell have you been?!

LBJH:  I’m sorry, I was just doing an…

LeBron:  I don’t care what you were doing, what are you a celebrity now?  I look motherf$%^ing ridiculous, people are going to figure out that I’m losing hair if you don’t get your ass on my head.

LBJH:  Ok, sorry LeBron.

LeBron:  Move back, you know my hairline doesn’t start there anymore.

LBJH: Good?

LeBron: Further

LBJH: Good?

LeBron: Further

LBJH: How about now?

LeBron:  That’ll do, we out

(LeBron and his headband run out of the room)

Matt:  Well, I guess that concludes my very special interview with LeBron’s headband.  Be sure to watch The Heat and Thunder in the NBA Finals, game 3 is Tuesday at 9, on ABC.


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