2012-2013 NBA Regular Season Schedule: 25 Best Games

The NBA released the 2012-2013 regular season schedule last night. If you happened to miss the special airing on NBA TV (it wasn't exactly must see TV), here is what you need to know: Mark your calender for these dates.


Celtics at Heat, Oct. 30 (Opening Night)

Just another game, really. Eastern Conference Championship rematch, Ray Allen vs. his old team and the best rivalry in the league.


Spurs at Hornets, Oct. 31

Anthony Davis starts his NBA career against one of the best- Tim Duncan.


Grizzlies at Clippers, Oct. 31

Rematch of the best 1st round playoff series of last year.




Knicks at Nets, Nov. 1

Nets break in their new arena in the battle for New York.


Thunder at Spurs, Nov. 1

Are the Spurs done yet?

We will see if they have anything left in this Western Conference finals rematch.



Clippers "at" Lakers, Nov. 2

Battle: Los Angeles

Will Chris Paul and Blake Griffin be contenders this year?




Bobcats at Hornets, Nov. 9

Mike Kidd-Gilchrist vs. Anthony Davis. How many wins will the Bobcats have at this point?


Magic at Lakers, Dec. 2

Tossup: Which team will Dwight Howard be playing for?


Rockets at Knicks, Dec. 17

Linsanity returns to New York.







Celtics at Nets, Dec. 25

Boston vs. Brooklyn in the opening act on Christmas day. Rondo vs. Deron Williams.


Knicks at Lakers, Deb. 25

Christmas day games keep on comin.


Thunder at Heat, Dec. 25

This is the true heavyweight Christmas day fight. The 2011-2012 finals rematch could also be a preview of the 2012-2013 championship matchup.



Heat at Lakers, Jan. 17

If the Christmas day Thunder-Heat matchup isn't a finals preview, this certainly is.


Heat at Celtics, Jan. 27

Ray Allen's first return to Boston. The Boo-Birds will be out.




Lakers at Suns, Jan. 30

After two MVPs for the Suns, Steve Nash returns to Phoenix as a Laker. Don't expect many Boo-Birds for this one though. Should be all love from the Phoenix faithful.



Lakers at Celtics, Feb. 7

The NBA's greatest rivalry is renewed.





Lakers at Heat, Feb. 10

Kobe visits South Beach for the only time this year.... unless they go back for the finals?


Heat at Thunder, Feb. 14

Loud City will be rockin.





Heat at Bulls, Feb. 21

Amazing that this is the Bulls first appearance on the Top 25. Derek Rose and Co. will be looking to be the top seed in the East for the 3rd straight year.


Lakers at Thunder, March 5

How the West was won.





Knicks at Nuggets, March 13

Carmelo's first return to Denver. Don't expect the Nuggets crowd to be in a great mood.


Heat at Cavs, March 20

LeBron's first trip to Cleveland as an NBA champion.




Knicks at Heat, April 2

Where will the Knicks be in the Eastern Conference standings at this point?


Lakers "at" Clippers, April 7

Battle: Los Angeles, the second edition.





Bulls at Heat, April 14

Could be a battle for the top spot in the East.

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