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Dolphins need Tua Tagovailoa to be great with the QBs in the AFC East

If there is one thing that is coming out of the AFC East this year it’s the play of the quarterbacks and Tua Tagovailoa needs to be great.

There is not going to be much room for mediocrity at the quarterback position for the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins need to hit on Tagavailoa. He needs to be much better than average but that window isn’t right now. He has to learn the NFL level. That will take patience on the part of the team, the coaches, the fans, and even Tagovailoa himself.

Oh, I can guarantee you that between now and the end of the 2021 season we will, I will, have thrown a few rocks at the Tagovailoa train when he has a bad game but that’s being a fan.