Miami Dolphins News, NFL Top 100 Rankings, Adam Shaheen Trade Impact, Dolphins Rumors, 2020 Cut Candidates

Miami Dolphins news and rumors are circulating around roster cuts, NFL Top 100, and Adam Shaheen. The Miami Dolphins have to be at an 80-man roster by August 16th but the team is already making roster cuts. The Dolphins have already released Jake Rudock, Ricardo Louis, Ray Lima, Trent Harris, and Avery Moss. Which other players could get the boot?

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Dolphins rumors in today’s video are around the NFL’s Top 100 Rankings and how so far no Dolphins players made the list. Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz breaks down the 3 players that should crack the list for Miami featuring DeVante Parker, Kyle Van Noy, and Byron Jones.

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Chat Sports Mitchell Renz breakd down the latest Dolphins rumors and news in the video above and below!

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