2021 Miami Dolphins Schedule, NFL Schedule Release, Home & Away Games + Instant Analysis

2021 Miami Dolphins schedule has been released and Dolphins Today host Mitchell Renz brings you every game in the 2021 NFL season for the Miami Dolphins and head coach Brian Flores. Tua Tagovailoa enters his 2nd season in the NFL and we take a look at all 17 Dolphins games this season, give instant schedule analysis, and tell you which games are played on Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football.

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Miami Dolphins 2021 Schedule:
WEEK 1: at New England Patriots
WEEK 2: vs. Buffalo Bills
WEEK 3: at Las Vegas Raiders
WEEK 4: vs. Indianapolis Colts
WEEK 5: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WEEK 6: at Jacksonville Jaguars
WEEK 7: vs. Atlanta Falcons
WEEK 8: at Buffalo Bills
WEEK 9: vs. Houston Texans
WEEK 10: vs. Baltimore Ravens (TNF)
WEEK 11: at New York Jets
WEEK 12: vs. Carolina Panthers
WEEK 13: vs. New York Giants
WEEK 15: vs. New York Jets
WEEK 16: at New Orleans Saints (MNF)
WEEK 17: at Tennessee Titans
WEEK 18: vs. New England Patriots

Dolphins Home Games
vs. Buffalo Bills
vs. New England Patriots
vs. New York Jets
vs. Houston Texans
vs. Indianapolis Colts
vs. Atlanta Falcons
vs. Carolina Panthers
vs. Baltimore Ravens
vs. New York Giants

Dolphins Away Games
at Buffalo Bills
at New Orleans Saints
at New York Jets
at Las Vegas Raiders
at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
at Tennessee Titans
at New England Patriots
at Jacksonville Jaguars

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