New Uniforms, New Coach, New Writer: ChatTerp Debut

Good evening ChatTerps faithful. Badass New Uniforms, Sweet New Regime, Fresh New Writer. This is my first of many posts discussing the resurgence of the Terrapins. On top of driving content and discussion on alike sites, I look forward to creating interesting angles on everything Maryland Football.

About what happened the other night: Maryland 32- 24 Miami

Our Terps handed it to the Canes is an epic fashion. While the last-minute interception may have been the most pivotal betting play in this young season (Maryland was -4, the glorious (but needless) interception return moved us from 25-24 to 32-24), this game was a statement game from Edsall to the ACC that there is an up and comer. In his 1st game as the Terp leader, he slayed "The U"on National TV in front of a sellout crowd in the sweetest uniforms in the game.

This is kind of like when the new guy shows up in prison and beats up the biggest, baddest dude in the courtyard.

The 2011-2012 (That’s right, we’re playing in a 2012 bowl game) season looks like an extremely interesting one. The Terrapin fan nation is looking forward to the Randy Edsall era, the ACC is looking for a team to move into the top tier (with Miami’s inevitable doom looming), and I’m looking forward to more badass uniforms  (15 more potential combo’s!).

Questions/ Answers addressed in the forthcoming season and in ensuing posts:


Can Edsall win in a real BCS conference?

Is Danny O' Brien the best young QB in all the land?

Why Maryland's Under Armour Uni's are sweeter than Oregon's Uni's.

Why we're going 10-4 (L in ACC Championship, W in subsequent Bowl game)

Is 2011 Maryland like 2005 Oregon (#soontobejuggernaut)

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